Does Softened Water Really Taste Better?

Does Softened Water Really Taste BetterWhen it comes to the taste of water, it always depends on the water that an individual drank when they were growing up. Most individuals prefer to drink the water that they drank when they were younger, and that usually stays with them as they age. There have been so many tests that have been performed, and they have determined that most people prefer softened water in tea and in coffee. However, in many hard water areas, the amount of chlorine that is dwelling within the water system can overpower the flavor of the water, and this makes the difference of taste to be quite significant and many individuals notice the difference.

Is Softened Water Salty?

Although many individuals claim that they can taste quite a bit more salt within softened water, you will be able to find more salt within a single slice of ham than you would in 1 gallon of softened water. Top water softeners are usually salt based systems and use salt to be able to soften the resin that is present within hard water. However, only a very small amount is used so the taste of the water shouldn’t be affected at all. If there is any type of increase in sodium, it occurs in the process of the softening. This is the stage in which the calcium and the magnesium ions are then exchanged with the sodium ions.

When the professionals fit your home with a water softener, as a standard, they will also install a hard water drinking tap. This is incredibly beneficial since this allows for you to choose which of the drinking waters that you prefer the most. There has often been times that some individuals have claimed that they think their softened water tastes like plastic, however, the water should not taste like plastic and the professionals will try to fix the issue so the water has a better flavor to be able to drink it. Since there are so many individuals who have claimed that softened water tastes bad and that they do not want to drink it, then it is prudent for those people to install a drinking water tap. You can have someone come and install this to make sure and give your water a much better taste to it. Softened water, however, is very safe to drink, and it should not be considered a big concern if the taste of it is different.


In conclusion, there are many people who have been able to taste the difference in softened water. There is some individuals who say that they don’t taste anything at all when it comes to drinking softened water, even when using one of the top ten water softeners. However, there are so many others who have said that they were able to tell a very big significant taste to it. The only way to help those individuals to drink their water is to have a drinking water tap installed so that the taste of softened water can be filtered out properly so that you are able to have a better experience when drinking softened water. It all depends on the water type that is coming into your home, it can have a stronger taste to it, and then it could have a very nice flavor to it. Depending on the type of water flow your home is taking in will determine if you should get a drinking water tap installed in your home or not.

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