The Ultimate List of Kitchen Gadgets that You Need in Your Home

The Ultimate List of Kitchen Gadgets that You Need in Your HomeMicrowaves have been around for several years, but they are being continually updated for performance and convenience, making them the ideal companion for the home cook. In 2016, energy efficiency is a big emphasis, and the microwave is one of the most energy efficient appliances that can be used in the kitchen.

Microwave buyers can choose from countertop models that include convection options, space-saving microwaves that go over the range, and built-in models that allow room for drawers. With so many options to choose from, how do you decide? One tip is to search the internet for sites that offer in-depth information on a particular brand and model. If you’re interested in a Russel Hobbs for example, look up Russell Hobbs microwave reviews on Google. These reviews can really go a long way in helping you decide which one is right for you.

Microwave gadgets are changing, too, making cooking even easier for today’s busy home or apartment resident. Here are the ultimate list of kitchen gadgets that you need in your home, expressly for use with your microwave.

Double Decker Steamer

A big part of cooking is the coordination of kitchen activities. One of the drawbacks of the microwave of the past was that foods had to be cooked one at a time. With new double-decker cooking containers, that is no longer true.

Steaming food retains much of its vitamin value and produces a very tasty result. The double-decker steamer allows you to steam two types of food at once. Cleaning is easier than ever in the dishwasher.

Silicone Cookware

Today’s cook wants to be able to cook and store foods easily. Cooking and food storage should be a continuous process, instead of having to remove foods from their cookware to place them into separate storage containers. Silicone cookware was created so that foods could go directly from the microwave into the refrigerator or freezer.

Silicone has the advantage of being non-stick, which makes cleaning easier. In addition, it can be used in extremes of temperature. It won’t crack or split when you transfer it from a very hot surface to a very cold one. It is also non-toxic and recyclable.

Pasta Maker

Cooking pasta in the microwave has always been problematic. When pasta is made on the stovetop, water is brought to a boil before putting in the pasta. In the microwave, pasta and water go in together. There was always a question of how much pasta and how much water to put in the microwaveable container.

Microwave pasta makers remove the problem-solving for you. You simply add pasta and water to the guide lines on the container, pop on the special lid, and nuke. The additional nice feature that this gadget has is that you can drain the pasta in the same container.

Microwave Pressure Cooker

Cooks have always loved the time-saving features of the stovetop pressure cooker. Conventional pressure cookers seal in juices and flavor, but some cooks are afraid of the high pressure buildup and dangers of explosion.

A newer, safer kind of pressure cooker has been developed to be used in the microwave. It is easier to use than its older version, and the foods the can be cooked within are just as tasty.

Check out some of these fantastic new kitchen gadgets that are developed to be used with the microwave. You will find that today’s technology has made cooking a lot easier than in the past.

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