Eating Well While Staying in Shape

Eating Well While Staying in Shape

Just the thought of starting a diet and exercise regime to achieve our ideal weight and shape is a daunting one but the biggest reason for putting everything off is the idea of surviving on “rabbit food” for months or years to come. It wouldn’t be near as off-putting if we were allowed to have some decent “real” food now and then but most modern diets tell us that’s a no-no. Well, it ain’t necessarily so!

Okay, you’re not going to be a regular visitor to the local chipper or the local Chinese take-away’s best customer but being on a diet and exercising doesn’t mean a lifetime of bread and water either. Actually, no bread, as that’s another forbidden pleasure in modern diets!

Common Sense

Unless you suffer from a medical condition or glandular problem, it is a simple fact of life that if you eat more than you expend in energy you will put on weight. How much depends on what you eat and how often and therein lies both the problem and the solution.

If you are determined to shed some weight and become a fitter, healthier person then changes will have to be made and (some) sacrifices made. Exercise and food are the two factors that will determine how successful, or not, your weight-loss efforts will be but common sense also plays a huge part. You don’t need me or a highly-paid dietician to tell you that if you overeat and don’t exercise the pounds will pile on. So, clearly, the secret to successful dieting lies in balancing the amount you eat with the exercise you take.

Sensible Choices

Brisk walks or jumping on a trampoline, while classed as exercising, will not be sufficient on their own to shift the weight accumulated over years of inactivity and over-indulgence. A tailored programme is needed and the help of a professional weight-loss and fitness instructor. Working out in a gym can be a bit intimidating at first but you will soon get into the swing of it as it becomes part of your regular routine.

However, all that physical activity in the gym is pointless if you head straight down to the nearest chip shop to replace all those lost calories and then some! A double cheeseburger may be tempting but this is where will power can, and must, step in. Chicken is always a good option for post workout hunger and, served with pasta, is a healthy, filling and nutritious dish. But beware of sauces! Stir-in and sauces added to dishes are generally to be avoided. You can wipe out all the benefit of your gym session with one packet of sauce so, if you really must add something to your meal, very small quantities or a low-calorie sauce is the best choice.


Nobody is going to kid you that sticking to a diet plan and exercise regime is easy but it can be done. Remember, little rewards for your efforts are allowed, and should probably be encouraged, just not every other day of the week. Whatever your favourite “forbidden” snack may be, reward yourself every couple of weeks, or after achieving set targets, with a tasty take-away without feeling guilty about it. After all, you deserve it and what’s the point of being the perfect shape and weight if you’re perfectly miserable?

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Is it possible to eat great food and stay in shape by exercising regularly?

Is it possible to eat great food and stay in shape by exercising regularly

Back when we were all younger it was possible to eat pretty much anything and everything you wanted – portion control be damned! – and still never put on even a little bit of extra weight along the way.

Today, though, our older, wiser, and more experienced selves have begun to notice that life isn’t quite as simple and straightforward as that any longer. No, all we have to do is simply look at a slice of chocolate cake the wrong way and all of a sudden we are struggling to get into our trousers!

This has led millions and millions of people in the UK (and billions all over the world) to try and tap into the holy grail of weight loss – a program that allows us to eat great food and stay in shape with just a little bit of extra exercise, all without feeling like we have to give up any of our favorites.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of the programs that we come across are nothing more than modern-day snake oil peddled by less than ethical marketers hoping to cash in on our desperation.

Many people that have tried to lose weight with these “eat this, not that – and make sure that use wet” kinds of programs and received anything less than satisfactory results are disheartened, it’s easy to see why.

But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t at all possible to eat amazing food and stay in fantastic shape with just a little bit of exercise. You do not need magic pills, you do not need some “seven minute ab” sneak attack program, and you do not need some esoteric approach to weight loss that taps into homeopathic or “ancient mystical secrets”.

No, all you have to do is to understand a little bit about your own body’s biochemistry, how different foods have a different impact on your body, your weight, and your metabolism, and how you can use 30 minutes of reasonable exercise to transform the way you look faster than you ever thought possible.

Let’s dive right in!

You cannot out exercise a bad diet

The most important thing for you to realize straightaway is that it’s going to be absolutely impossible – IMPOSSIBLE – for you to lose any amount of noticeable weight whatsoever without cleaning up your diet first and foremost.

A lot of people are under the impression that they are going to be able to transform their bodies in the gym, but that isn’t how this is going to work.

Sure, you’re going to have to spend at least a little bit of time training (at least 30 minutes, five days a week), but you aren’t an elite athlete. Your diet needs to be on point or you are going to struggle every time you step on the scale.

To clean up your diet, you’re going to want to throw out any and all simple carbohydrates, forget about sugar, and avoid processed junk that is as far away from its natural state of being as it can be without being classified as synthetic or flat out poison.

Instead of reaching for a frozen dinner or something from a can, instead go for fruits and veggies (the fresher, the better – though frozen is also a fantastic option) and a bit of lean protein.

You’ll want to figure out how many calories you can consume on a regular basis while maintaining your weight (your Basic Metabolic Rate, your BMR) and then you’ll want to eat 200 cal less than that and track your weight loss progress.

Combine this with about 30 minutes of exercising on a rowing machine or treadmill each day for five days a week, and you will be able to create the body you’ve always wanted without any “secrets” from those snake oil peddlers.

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