Know about the Traditional British Foods

Traditional British FoodsAt present, people do not include many vegetables in their diet, When you ask to name them the vegetable names, it is sure you will find them repeating the names since they do not know more than that. The British farmers have started to produce carrots of more than one million tons, leeks of about fifty thousand tons and grow tons and tons of brassicas. The major variety of these consists of brussel sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower.

The Britain produced and consumed different kinds and intersection selection of vegetables. Some vegetables are available in abundant quantity which they use the word as a name for dinner. The majority of traditional British foods are easily prepared using the vegetables and fruits developed in their temperate island climate.

The curly kale is one of the best examples. It has been grown and used in the United Kingdom for more than two thousand years. It remains as a staple food in Scotland majority of times. Curly kale remains as a main ingredient for preparing the popular Scotch broth. It is highly rich in vitamins equal to the spinach and offers a taste like savoy cabbage. It is not in trend and people have started to minimize using this traditional food. It has been replaced by the mass produced vegetables.

Traditional British Foods1The beetroot is another classical and popular traditional food of Britain. It is still available in supermarkets in seasons. Most people have an idea of its taste and classical flavour. The celeriac is used in variety of ways. It can be peeled and added in the salad. It remains as a best alternative to smashed potato where you can use to place on the top of shepherd’s pie.

The celeriac tastes excellent when the vegetable is cooked in fresh condition. If the vegetable is old, it has chance to lose its original flavour.

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